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This is the Support Information Sheet for all FahrentecTM ice machine products and services.

We have launched this section for the quality improvement of both our products and services. In this section, information covers the most frequently asked questions and answers. It also has outlined the structural description of our complete services from pre-sales to post-sales.

You are also welcomed to leave us any questions in regarding the problems of your current ice making, processing practice (any brands, or models of ice machine related system) , we will have our specialized engineer to reply your questions in 24 business hours.

Q6: What dimension should I choose for the ice storage? And how?

First to confirm the total amount of ice you want to store. Normal volume/ weight ratio for ice storage is 1CBM per 0.45Ton. With this calculation you can easily find out the size you need.


FahrentecTM currently has two lines of ice storage to choose: small capacity of ice bin and large capacity of assembling walk-in cold room. For walk-in cold room, you can have optional cooling system as well. Non-refrigerated cold room’s max shelf-time is 3days, in that case you will have a three days inventory, for the cold room with cooling system, max shelf-time is extended to months.


Q7: Will the performance of ice machine decline, if my location is in hot area?

Temperature is the crucial factor that affects the performance and usage life of all refrigeration systems. FahrentecTM can design the ice machine and adjust the performance per your actual situation, such like installing the CIC modular for the compressors, and special standard condensers in critical ice making condition.

For the condenser, the water cooling type is suggested in general applications below ambient temperature of 42 degrees Celsius, due to its outstanding cooling capacity and stability.

The air condenser is simple, quiet, and compact, however, in some high temperature working condition the performance will decline, and we will need to adjust the system, the cost for air condensed ice machine is about 6% higher than the water cooling type.

Evaporative condenser is widely used in the extreme working conditions, it is also the most powerful and efficient cooling type and is abound 20% more expensive than water cooling type.

Q8: What if I want to produce ice for human consumption, and my water quality is very poor?

FahrentecTM has tube ice machines in production for human consumption, each of these plant comes with one filter from factory. However, these filters are only for filtering water to protection of water circulation, distribution and pumps, you will need the RO normally for this needs. We can outsource the OR water filtration device for you according to the feedback of our previous customers’ experience.

Q9: I want to buy a generator for the ice machine, what capacity should I choose?

Please choose the generator which is 2.5- 3 times of the ice maker’s total install power as the startup current goes up to 2.5-3times of the install power’s rate, and this allowance is needed for compressor protection.

Q10: How do I clean the ice machine and evaporator?

All FahrentecTM ice machines are washable, we have designed the automatic self-cleaning program in PLC, apply the food grade sanitizer in water tank, just push the button, simply done!