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This is the Support Information Sheet for all FahrentecTM ice machine products and services.

We have launched this section for the quality improvement of both our products and services. In this section, information covers the most frequently asked questions and answers. It also has outlined the structural description of our complete services from pre-sales to post-sales.

You are also welcomed to leave us any questions in regarding the problems of your current ice making, processing practice (any brands, or models of ice machine related system) , we will have our specialized engineer to reply your questions in 24 business hours.

Q16: Can I buy any spares? Or where can I get the parts?

For all FahrentecTM ice machines we offer free consumables in the package, including some fixture, rings, rubber wears. We also have the paid spares which are capable to cover the first 10 years of your operation.

Q17: Can I start the machine once I have it arrived?

No, the compressor of ice machine must be connected to the power for at least 4 hours so the crank case can be heated automatically to a temperature which is 5 degrees higher than ambient temperature for oil heating and lubrication.