FIFA150 15Ton daily industrial flake ice machine

15Ton flake ice machine

FahrentecTM has independently developed its uniquely featured Above2.5TM series flake ice machines.

This series is aiming at the industrial users to provide fulfillment of heavy duty ice demands. It starts from the daily capacity of 2.5Ton, extends right up to 60Ton per day. FahrentecTM offers 18 months warranty and full package of spares to double secure the non-stop ice production of ice making factory.

Bitzer semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, 380V/50Hz/3P, R22, water cooling type are the standard option, however, customization is always available.

Total Install Power/ Amp type/ (Kw/A) 56
Total Operating Power/ Amp (Kw/A) 48.55
Water Consumption/Hour WC type(Kg/H) 687.5
Ambient Temperature WC type (°C) 42
AC type (°C) 35
Water Inlet Temperature (°C) 25-30
Refrigerating Capacity (Kw) 82.5
Evaporative Temperature (°C) -25
Condensing Temperature AC type (°C) 42
WC type (°C) 38
Ice Made Temperature (°C) -5