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In 2009, FahrentecTM started as industrial ice machine manufacturer due to the proficient skills in pressure control, mechanism design, and configuring of ice making machines. Through decent practice and innovation, now it has developed a vast range of offerings in broad sectors including design and fabricate indoor snowmaking system, glycol chiller, water chiller.

FahrentecTM is a congregation of the most professional and experienced refrigeration people from the ice machine industry. Inside this circle, we created and shared one common belief, with our products and services, we can ease and secure your ice making business by utilizing the latest technology,

FahrentecTM understands the customers’ needs. We put ourselves at the same side of clients, and start with creating one solution that can truly fulfill their actual needs.

Thus, Customization is not only part of our offering, but our attitude. We deal with clients from different situation, background, demands, these systems will only be built to orders.

We are committed to deliver the most value added ice making system to all customers, in return we gain growth of our business. Therefore, stay closely to our commitment, walk our talk is essential for us to meet broader markets. We cherish the discipline of integrity, because we see the bridge between us and customers!

FahrentecTM is rooted in China. Made-in-China used to be the symbol of cheap price, poor quality products. When it comes to FahrentecTM, we want to make the change. Not like they used to do, instead of telling ourselves what is good quality, we are constantly telling ourselves what the poor quality product is.