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We are excited about our industry and welcome the challenges of future. Because we know new ideas can come from anywhere and anyone.

Why not you?

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Change is everywhere in FahrentecTM, and it's embracing new thoughts, technologies and new breakthroughs in providing our value added ice making products and refrigeration services.

Throughout FahrentecTM, we've built an open, interactive performing stage that prompts free exchange of ideas and information, staffed by people who represent a true cross-section of cultures, philosophies, and lifestyles. FahrentecTM is a technology-rooted, demand-oriented, and rapid growing company - a company where employees have tremendous opportunities to make definite difference and no-limit achievements.

FahrentecTM has a range of ongoing opportunities for telented candidates who have the ideas and ambition to accelerate the development of FahrentecTM towards more agile, highly innovative, standout manufacturer of ice machine.

A letter presented by FahrentecTM CEO

Walk and talk of FahrentecTM ICE value

We have a global vision, a vision of broadcasting and strengthening our ICE value in every market we step in, to everyone we engaged with. Despite the divergence of views and cultures, we let them enjoy the values of our products and services. What is left is only the excitement of seeing positivity, exchanging and sharing the beauty of diversity.

Through this decent and extensive communication, we move closer to our ultimate goal of to become a leader in the ice cooling products and maximize the clients’ interest in the ice making business.

All those set goals require successful team filled up with passionate, dedicative people, we understand and continuously maintained our competence from getting fresh blood. Interactive working environment, and diversified marketing channels enable everyone get a real chance in dealing with real people from everywhere, thus, we see the personality when we want to see the people, we give out ourselves when we need to give in. We are bunch of people who set on the very same level, and let the ideas flow, grow. We are opening a tomorrow, and we hope in this tomorrow, the supernova is you!

Yours faithfully,

Harold Ng


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The FahrentecTM Cooperative Education Program

Co-op students have the opportunity to explore career options in a variety of areas while continuing with their class schedules. The hands-on, practical experience will make it easier for the student to decide on a specific career direction while the income from their work can help to defray educational expenses. Students participating in the Professional Experience Year Program (PEY), where a student's work term runs for a minimum of twelve months consecutively, is also a part of FahrentecTM 's Cooperative Education program.