Case Study

Headquartered in Central China, since 2010 the birth of company, FahrentecTM has been actively participating in the spotlight projects with the world leading companies. FahrentecTM helped designing and manufacturing the glycol system for indoor ski-school in Melbourne; provided uniquely designed energy efficient flake ice machines for Tahiti Islanders, we enjoyed these cooperation, as they are precious opportunities in which we constantly, intensively challenged ourselves, and these efforts gained the most valuable return---the satisfactory from customers! We delivered the value, and all benefited from it.

20Ton Glycol tube ice system for Melbourne indoor ski school

Thanks to the successful and trustworthy cooperation with international companies, FahrentecTM acquired this precious opportunity contributing its expertise and passion to the snow making business on global stage.

Original design of this snow making system is targeting on all times snow making application. It integrates the AggrekoTM glycol chiller, FahrentecTM tube ice evaporator to a specially designed all weather snow making system; presents the features of fast snow making and harvest, fully automatic and energy efficient.

Stage one--- ice making


Controlled by the FahrentecTM Siemens fully-auto touch screen controller, water circulates in tube evaporator while chilled brine is made by AggrekoTM 150Kw chiller and pumped into the evaporator for heat conduction. 15 minutes per cycle, Approx. 300Kg of tube ice are made.


Stage two- harvest

Once the counting down clock in touch screen is ended, the system indicates hot water pump to circulate the hot water from cooling tower to evaporator to defrost the tube ice. Within one minute process all tube ice comes out from inlet to the FAD200 auger conveyor.

Equipment FahrentecTM contributes:

  • Tube ice evaporator
  • Special designed pumps and valves
  • Fully automatic touch screen control system
  • High speed stainless steel automatic ice auger

Fahrentec Refrigeration Corporation delivers this ALL TIME SNOW MAKING SYSEM to every corner of the world, AggrekoTM’s ability of global deployment is the winning key. Instead of investing huge capital in the expensive snow making systems, managers of ski-resort now have another solution of renting the AggrekoTM chiller from its local agents in the snow season as long as they have this ALL TIME SNOW MAKING systems in hand. Except the AggrekoTM chiller, the system is compact, and easy to transport, install. The beauty of this joint product is when you order us, you order the snow, when you don’t need the snow, you don’t pay one cent.


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For indirect refrigeration system, the heat of cooling objects or the space is transmitted to the refrigerant through a kind of middle media, which is called secondary refrigerant in refrigeration application. The advantages of adopting secondary refrigerant are centralizing the refrigeration system in a smaller space so that can minish the volume of refrigeration system and the refrigerant filling, moreover, secondary refrigerant has a large heat capacity, which made the cooling objects’ temperature be apt to keep constant. On the contrary, relatively complicated system and the increased temperature between cooling object and refrigerant are the negative aspects in indirect refrigeration system.

Common Secondary Refrigerant:

  1. Water. Water is a kind of ideal secondary refrigerant, which characterizes in large heat capacity, lower density, minor corrosion, non-combustible, non-poisonous and good chemistry stability Etc. it is adopted widely in above 0℃operating condition.
  2. Brine. Generally it is calcium chloride solution; sometimes it can be sodium chloride or magnesium chloride liquid instead. Brine solution has very strong corrosion effects towards metal material, and it will be enhanced in oxygen environment, thus, it is better to adopt close-circulation to decrease the contact chance between brine and oxygen.

    The corrosion of brine is related to the salt purity, higher purity leads to less corrosion. In order to avoid or contain the corrosion effect, certain amount of corrosion inhibitor is mixed in the brine, the PH Rate range is 7.0~8.5. The NaOH and Na2Cr2O7 can be used as corrosion inhibitor.

  3. Organic secondary refrigerant: glycol (CH2OH-CH2OH), which is a kind of colorless, tasteless, non-electrolytic, non-combustible and stable property liquid. However, this solution is of minor corrosiveness, so it is needed to be mix with corrosion inhibitor (triethanolamine phosphate) to decrease the corrosion effect.

Relation between Glycol Solution Common Concentration and Condensation Point

Volumetric Concentration % 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
Condensation point ℃ -3.7 -5.2 -8.7 -12 -15.9 -20 -24.7 -30 -35.9

Tube Ice Machine with glycol secondary refrigerant comes with the mature technology and experience of FahrentecTM ice making application. Compared with traditional Tube Ice Machine, its merits are listed as followed:

  • The dimension of cumbersome liquid tank is greatly narrowed by utilizing the simplified refrigeration unit.
  • Refrigerant conducts heat exchange with glycol solution in dry evaporator, cooled glycol solution recycles to Fahrentec special designed and fabricated tube ice evaporator, under the constant temperature, the made ice is more regular and homogeneous.
  • Utilize the emission heat from condenser to heat up the glycol for defrost, heat is recycled to improve energy saving and environmental conservation.  
  • Tube ice evaporator can be put indoor and ice making unit can be laid outdoor, so the working space is saved and the noise of machine unit can be distantly keep away from.
  • Avoid the liquid accumulation caused by uncontrollable return gas pressure during the harvest stage of traditional Tube Ice Machine.
  • Compared with traditional ice makers, the refrigeration contour becomes more concise, the charge of freezing oil also decreased greatly.