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This is the Support Information Sheet for all FahrentecTM ice machine products and services.

We have launched this section for the quality improvement of both our products and services. In this section, information covers the most frequently asked questions and answers. It also has outlined the structural description of our complete services from pre-sales to post-sales.

You are also welcomed to leave us any questions in regarding the problems of your current ice making, processing practice (any brands, or models of ice machine related system) , we will have our specialized engineer to reply your questions in 24 business hours.

Q1: I want to start an ice making business, what factors should I put into consideration at the first? And how do I get ready for one?

At first, there are various types of ice in the market for different uses. Most common applied types are flake ice, tube ice, block ice, and cube ice, each of them requires specialized ice machine for production. FahrentecTM provides complete categories of flake ice machine, tube ice machine, and custom-make the block ice machine to orders.

Then, capacity is the second factor needs to be confirmed. Normally, it depends on your local market demands, and your ice storage capacity. It is always recommended to analyze the exsiting ice facotries in your area first. Or to start with lower rang ice machines like 5T-10t/ day ice makers, enhance to large ice plant later.

We also need to know your power supply, including the voltage/frequency/phase in order to choose the appropriate compressor and motors.

Ambient temperature and water inlet temperature can help us with configuring your system, adjusting performance.

Q2: What are the differences of R404A and R22 refrigerant?

R22 and R404A are two different types of refrigerant gas, they have the similar performance, but they are very different gas and they are not supposed to be mis-used in eaches’ refrigeration system.

R404A gas needs slightly more horse power to be compressed, the R404A ice machine normally has the larger sized components and parts so does the price.

R22 is the greenhouse gas which is confronting the phase out challenge; it has been banned in most western countries, and will be phased out gradually in the globe. Whereas the R404A is the Eco-friendly alternative allowed to be used in all countries and regions.

Q3: What if My power is not as your listed 380V/50Hz/3P?

FahrentecTM has rich experience in handling such cases, we can specially order these non-standard compressors, motors, electric components directly from the manufacturer, in some case they will air freight the goods directly from overseas if there is no production and inventory in China, the cost and production cycle of machine will be more and longer.

Q4: Can I choose preferred brand and model for the compressor of my ice machine?

Yes, FahrentecTM is one of the most active players in Chinese refrigeration industry, We purchase large volume of compressors, components, and parts every year, Through these well-built connections, we can always order compressors of any brand for the lowest prices, however, longer waiting period is normally required.

Q5: What do I need for a turnkey ice plant?

For turnkey project you should always consider in the following parts, ice making machines, ice crusher might be needed for different applications, ice storage bin, and ice delivery system, ice packaging machine.