Containerized ice storage system

FahrentecTM modifies hundreds of standard ISO ocean freight containers to portable ice storage bin and cold rooms.

In practice, normally FahrentecTM chooses different types of containers according to customers’ needs.

For storage quantity below 10Tons of ice, the standard reefer container is the best solution as they are directly available and perfect temperature control, only very minor modification is needed in flooring and walling. It is also capable in handling vegetables and fish, shrimps, aquatic products, meat, poultry, drinks…Etc.

For larger heavy duty applications, FahrentecTM uses secondhand or brand new 40’HQ containers to make automatic ice rake bin. The complete system will present the following features:

  • Automatic rake
  • Video monitoring and remote control
  • Adjustable temperature controlling
  • Fan cooling air conditioning system.

Rate capacity of containerized ice storage bin

Container type Available volume Max capacity Operating weight Operating temp
20 foot GP 20CBM 10Ton/ flake ice 13.4Ton -24C
40 foot HQ 46CBM 20Ton/ flake ice 27.3Ton -24C


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