Stainless ice bin

FahrentecTM’s panel shop produces full range of stainless ice bins for low capacity demands.

  • Food grade SUS304 stainless steel
  • Front openned door with easy lock
  • Reliable thermal insulation
  • Water draginage and filter net
  • Stainless steel rivet assembling
  • Easy integration with flake ice machine
  • 3 Days ice storage
Model number Max capacity Net weight Exterior dimension
FAIB005 0.5Ton 60kg L1300×W900×H1230mm
FAIB010 1.0Ton 130kg L1600×W1300×H1330mm
FAIB015 1.5Ton 300kg L1780×W1700×H1600mm
FAIB020 2.0Ton 360kg L1850×W1850×H1830mm
FAIB025 2.5Ton 420kg L2200×W1870×H1830mm


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