Collaborative success at Mt. Dawei snow making project 2014

China alpine ski-resort
fahrentec 30ton flake ice machine in snow making
air condensed flake ice machine at snow making project
custom designed and made 200 ton flake ice storage system
constructing water supply piping for ice making
fresh and dry artificial snow made from flake ice
the biggest ski resort in Southern China

Since early 2012, Fahrentec has initiated the new company developing strategy, which contains some profound ideas, one of these is to bring international snow making companies to China in collaborative snow making projects. This has resulted a series of successful jobs delivered all over China when Fahrentec ice machines are working together with them.
In 2014 Fahrentec FIFA300 flake ice machine has provided flake ice based snow maker at Mt. Dawei alpine ski-resort. After 55 days none-stop operation, the client has successfully produced 3,300CBM of high quality fresh snow. The 3,300CBM of convenient snow has became the ski-resort