Privacy Policy


FahrentecTM respects the privacy of your personal information. Protecting the privacy and security of your personal information is vital to FahrentecTM. FahrentecTM wishes to gain your satisfaction upon our security policy and measures, which aim to protect your privacy rights. If you provide your information to FahrentecTM when you are going to purchase FahrentecTM products or only general browse (referred as the Site), FahrentecTM will process the data according to the below policy, which is the reason why we sincerely suggest you to read the following bulletins in advance.


Consent & Update

FahrentecTM have the unilateral right of updating, altering and changing the privacy policy; browsing and using the Site means that FahrentecTM already have your acceptance to collect your information.


Personal Data

FahrentecTM only collect your personal information including name, phone number, Email address, entity identity in case of inquiry submission and user registration. However, these information will only be processed in the use of inquiry reply, and phone contact by authorized FahrentecTM employed staffs.


Third Parties

FahrentecTM will firmly restrict the third party to acquire and use your personal information, unless the official authorization letter is provided by user after official ID request letter is issued from FahrentecTM to the user. For instance, if FahrentecTM needs to transfer a product spare to you, then FahrentecTM have to deliver your basic information to the shipping company upon your confirmation.


Updating for Registered User

If you have registered one of our members, you should to inform FahrentecTM immediately in case your name, address, company, number or email address changed. This is the considered appropriate solution for maintaining the quality of FahrentecTM service.


Questions and Suggestions

FahrentecTM welcomes any of your reasonable requests and suggestions. FahrentecTM will spare its utmost to improve step by step; the security policy will reach its maturity gradually with the constant development of its web-based technology and service measures. Once there are any altering in the present policy, FahrentecTM will publicly announce the altered content on the Site at the first time through Press release sector.