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Please read the terms of use (Referred as Terms in below) thoroughly before use the website of Fahrentec (referred as Site in below). Using the Site indicates your acceptance of the Terms; otherwise do not use the Site. Terms in this article outline your legal rights and obligation, including important disclaimer, application of Terms. This Terms apply to all websites belong to Fahrentec refrigeration corporation limited, including sites with user registration.


Possession of Website

The Possession and maintenance of this website remains at Fahrentec Refrigeration Corporation limited. Fahrentec Refrigeration Corporation limited (referred as Fahrentec in below) is legally registered business entity in both China and Hong Kong according to laws of P.R. China and Hong Kong, headquartered in Shanghai China.


Permission of Use

In the premise of accept all terms and conditions, bulletins without abjection, and respect the possession of copyrights, trademark of this site, you may browse, print or download the content freely for personal or non-commercial use. Without the written permission of use, it is prohibited to copy, download, reprint, upload, disseminate or circular the content of this website including text, photos, pictures and animations, videos, audios for commercial use. Under same case, it is prohibited to replant content of this website to any other website of third-party. Using this website indicates your acceptance of all terms and conditions, restrictions listed here, and your promise of not using this website for any illegal, unethical, or restricted by Terms practice.


User Agreement

Information you are sending to the Site by Email or any other practices is recognized as non-classified and non-personal, Fahrentec is allowed to resend information from you for any use and purposes. It is prohibited to transmit any illegal, abusive, terrorize, libel, erotic information at all means to the Site.


In and Out Bounding Links

Fahrentec is allowed to establish in and out bounding hyper-links to third party website. These hyper-links is not in the control of Fahrentec, it is therefore Fahrentec is not responsible for the consequences of using content of destination site through these hyper-links. Fahrentec reserves the rights of explanation in such scenarios. Fahrentec reserves the rights of elimination of these hyper-links at any time without notice. Third party website is only allowed to build to the home page of the Site; the written permission from Fahrentec must be achieved to build hyper-links to the inner pages of the Site.


Site Content

Fahrentec invests the greatest effort in the Site construction and maintenance for providing the most up to date and precise, accurate information, such as product description, and industry news. However, the information displayed on the Site may be revised without notice, thus, Fahrentec doesn’t guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of content in the Site. Visitors and user to the Site accept the disclaimer conditions Fahrentec explained here to content accuracy and authenticity.


Possession of Intellectual Property

Copyrights of all intellectual property including text, designs, pictures, photos, data and the Site itself remains at the creator and owner of the Site. Names, icons, trademarks and logos presented in the Site unless with the written permission from Fahrentec or the owner from third party are not allowed to be used and circular for commercial purposes. It is prohibited to revise, reedit, and translate at all means for all purposes.


Data Protection

Through the Site, Fahrentec collects only the very basic personal data about you (e.g. your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address), unless you voluntarily choose to provide us with further details (e.g. by Inquiry form, Inquiry letter), respectively, provide your consent, or unless otherwise permitted by applicable laws and regulations for the protection of your personal data.



Visitors are at their own risk during using the Site, Fahrentec does not guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of the service it provides, and the possibility of technical malfunction occurrence. Fahrentec is not responsible for your direct and indirect loss by using the Site.



The Site is as it is, it does not contain any clear or implied guarantee, I.E. guarantee for sales, guarantee for non-intellectual property violation, guarantee for any special purposes. At all condition, Fahrentec is not responsible for your direct and indirect loss by using the Site. In addition, Fahrentec does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information on third party website which the hyper-links direct to.